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Missing Person Services

“Living Life by the Golden Rule"

why do WE offer pro bono services?

It is this plain and simple, from our own experience we understand nothing is more emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting than being a parent, family member or friend of a missing loved one. We are of the belief that during a family’s time of need there should be free compassionate services available to assist families and friends in getting the word out that a loved one is missing.

Additionally, we believe that every single missing person on the face of this earth matters and is worthy of public recognition with the hope that someone, somewhere will step forward with information leading to a loved one’s whereabouts. It is our hope that by caring and sharing on the internet and social media that the exposure it will lead to a potential resolution of a missing person.

We understand the process all too well from the initial missing person report followed by feeling of falling into a timeless limbo where no answers are forth coming questioning when and will this personal nightmare ever end.

While it may not seem much in the big scheme of things, it is our small gesture so that you the public and missing person families and friends are aware there are people that do care and are willing to help get the word out about your missing loved one at no cost to you.

We offer the free following services to families and friends of missing person's:

A URL domain name in your missing loved one’s name i.e. John James Doe (

A fully designed and maintained website that will feature your missing loved one. Please keep in mind that all written content, videos, media reports etc. within the missing person's site is provided by the family.

A photo gallery and videos (images and videos provided by the family).

A guest book where others may leave messages for the family.

It is our policy that we do not discriminate based on race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability or religion. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

Warmest Regards,

MPS Team

Criteria & Rules

Our Criteria for Missing Person Services

  • You must have an official valid missing person's case number on file with law enforcement that is managing the case. If you do not have one please obtain one by calling the law enforcement office that is handling your case.

  • You must be the Parent or Legal Guardian of any underage missing person, We require that you first contact NCMEC at 1-800-The-Lost or visit their website. After you have notified NCMEC then we will be more than happy to assist you, we provide services to both minors and adults alike.  If the missing person is an adult you must be the individual who is the point of contact on the missing person case file.

  • Fill out the online application for review and approval.

  • Once one of our team members receive your application you will be contacted as soon as possible. Websites are designed on a first come first serve basis. We attempt to accommodate as many families as we can each week. Please contact us if a resolution has occurred thank you.