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Missing Person Services

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Missing Person Services Application

Please Note - The birth date of your missing person will not be posted for security and safety purposes. Your contact information will be kept strictly confidential unless otherwise requested by you and a signed electronic wavier is sent providing us permission to release said information. All information that is shared with Missing Person Services is consider by me as private and confidential unless permission is given by you to handle the information in a different manner while I provide the services it will be solely up to you what information is released.

Your Contact Information

Missing Person Information

Do they have a cell phone with them?

Please list all distinctive and characteristic features (amputations, deformities, scars, birth marks, tattoos, piercings, artificial body parts, aids example: pacemakers, titanium plates, dentures or implants, artificial fingernails, limps, inability to use specific limbs such as arm or leg, hearing aids, cane, crutches, walker, any type of speech impediment lisp, slur, stutter, cigarette, cigar, pipe smoker, etc.

Clothing and Accessories - Last seen wearing please include everything and anything that you can think of in this area. Examples - Colors, brand names, shirts, blouses, jeans, dress pants, uniform, slacks, shorts, t-shirt, shirt logo, hoodie, jacket, coat, footwear, jewelry,eyewear (glasses, contact lenses, artificial eye, eye patch),accessories (backpack, book bag, etc.) boots, shoes, sneakers, dress shoes.

Do you have any photos of the missing person wearing the same clothing (shirt, jacket, pants, shoes, dress, sweater, suit, boots, etc.?

Circumstances surrounding missing persons disappearance provide as much information as possible. City, State, Zip code, County, Country, establishment (store, bar, gym, park, school etc.) and the circumstances if known. Where they with someone else? If yes who? Last person or persons to have contact with the missing person. Anything as trivial as it may seem may be important so please list it.

Transportation method - were they in a car if so please provide as much information as possible. Vehicle make, Vehicle model, Year, Style Vehicle color, Tag number, Tag state, Expiration year, Airline, Walking on foot, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Public transportation, Unknown

Do you have a photo of the vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle?

Images of the Missing Person -please provide the most recent images available and please note that additional images, documents, videos, news articles, website URL's, Facebook Page URL'S, that you desire to be placed on website may be submitted at a later date after your case has been approved. We do not put a limit on the amount of content including images, videos, etc. that you may have on your missing person website.

Investigating Agency Information - Please provide as much information as possible and remember it is mandatory that a missing person report has been filed for both minors and adults and that you are able to provide the missing person case file number to us. Without a missing person case number it we will not be able to assist you until such time that one has been issued.

Please provide the following information: Name of Law Enforcement Agency, Location of Agency, City, State, Zip code, Name of officer who is investigating your case, Contact phone number, Contact email address

Electronic Signature and Permission to proceed:

Please read the following in its entirety prior to signature submission and answer the question below.

I hereby declare to be the parent/legal guardian/on individual listed as the contact person with law enforcement of the missing person listed above. I grant permission to Missing Person Services to disseminate information to the public about the missing person utilizing a website designed by them with a matching URL, social media and news media to assist in bring awareness to the public regarding the missing person. I understand I will never be asked for any type of fee, payment or restitution for services rendered, that all services offered on their website are free of charge to me. I understand that any information disseminated to the public is not retrievable once the information is released and cannot be removed off the search engines or cache files. I understand that Missing Person Services does not have the ability to delete or remove said images, articles, media releases, or fliers once they are released to the public except for the missing person website and domain URL that is created and hosted off their private server. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify Missing Person Services as soon as possible if a resolution has been reached pertaining to the missing person. I understand that I may at any given time request that the website for the missing person be deleted. I understand that all data collected from visitors to my missing persons website and domain may be turned over to law enforcement at any time without prior permission from me. I understand that Missing Person Services has not made any indication, promise or statement that would cause me to believe that they can or locate my missing person.